Mommy is very very angry with Isobel, but she waits until they are at the hotel and she is more calm to deal with her. She scolds Isobel and tells her how upset and disappointed she is in her and how she knows she deserves a spanking. Isobel knows that destroying the house with her friends which led to the insurance company having to put them up in a hotel while they did repairs was a very bad thing. She feels awful about what she did and that she really upset her mom. She takes her punishment like a good girl even though it is so embarrassing and it stings her bottom terribly. Mommy doesn't stop spanking her naughty girl until her bottom is bright red

Mommy Spanks Isobelという、おいたをしたIsobelが、ママにお仕置きされるお話です。

とても痛くて(She takes her punishment like a good girl even though it is so embarrassing and it stings her bottom terribly.)、恥ずかしくても、いい子でお仕置を受けるようですが、真っ赤に腫れ上がるまでお仕置きが続くようです。







公式サイトによりますと、前半はSchooldays - Part 1というタイトルの動画みたいです。  

When she was informed by her "mommy" that she was to attend a prep school, Chloe envisioned herself sitting in a class of children. Instead, she found that she was one of a number of "Mommy's little girls" in this town. Lost in contemplation, her instructor noted that she wasn't paying attention during class. Upon her arrival home, she was confronted by her mother in law, whom she must now refer to as mommy or have her sexual indiscretion revealed to her husband and the entire town, for not paying attention in class. For this, Audrey took her little girl over her lap for another spanking.

Schooldays - Part 2も出ているようです。

Audrey spanked her little girl until she promised to always pay attention to her instructors. She was then placed in the corner, near the picture window, so her predicament could be seen by all. Chloe dared not defy her "Mommy" again.


The Mean Mother In Law- Caught In The Act - Full Movie

Chloe lives in her mother in law's home with her husband. Audrey always felt that her son could not have picked a more spoiled brat with whom to share his life. This conflict came to a head while the two were left alone at home. Audrey presented Chloe with photographs with her in the arms of a man other than her husband. A shocked Chloe begged her mother in law not to show these pictures to her husband. She informed her bratty daughter in law that she had lost her adult privileges and was presented with several new rules about how she was to dress, behave, and the consequences should she fail to do so. One evening she was called to face her first real spanking from Audrey or, "mommy," as Chloe is now required to refer to her mother in law. Her punishment started with a hand spanking over her white panties. Then, her panties were lowered as Audrey applied the hairbrush.




 The girls are getting ready at John's place for their Halloween Party night out. He kindly allowed them space and comfort to get ready and catch up on girly gossip as the 3 girls hadn't seen each other for some time. However, they abuse his trust by bringing alcohol and dressed up very inappropriately. Maddy and Alex were dressed up as teenage Girl Guides and Christy had a very short Alice in Wonderland dress that left nothing to the imagination! John was called back to his serviced apartment when he was informed that there was a rowdy commotion going on. The girls were getting drunk and the TV was blaring out disturbing the neighbours. He was rather embarrassed and with the complete abuse of trust, it could mean only one outcome for the girls. They would get a horrid spanking punishment before being let out to their party and he wanted to make sure that their bottoms would be glowing bright red for all to see how wicked they had been. Some great facial reactions, sore red bottoms and bratty behaviour from the girls with some equally forceful heavy wooden paddling and hairbrush punishments to kick start the Halloween Holiday! Also notice 2 fantastic debuts for any British Spanking site with Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks from sunny California!


Halloween Party の約束はしたようですが、それを乱用し、お酒を持ち込んだり、ルール違反の?仮装をしたことで、お仕置きをされるようです。


spnk_jpn at 14:12





"Allison Spanked Before Going Out"というタイトルの動画で、

Betty and Mike discuss the fact that Allison still needs to be punished before her friends come to pick her up. She is called down and given an OTK hand spanking by Mike. Her friends show up halfway through and get to hear the rest of the punishment.






Bare bottom spanking and strapping for Laurel Brooks for disrespectというタイトルの動画で、お尻丸出しでお尻ペンペンと皮の鞭打ち?(strapping) でお仕置きされるお話のようです。

 A pretty sorority girl’s bare bottom bounces and jiggles as she’s spanked and strapped in Sorority Sisters. Laurel Brooks has a red, sore bottom after Alison Miller hauls her over the knee for a spanking before kneeling on the sofa, legs apart, butt out for two leather straps across both jutting cheeks. “I’m sorry!” wails Laurel.


jiggle: to make something move from side to side or up and down with short quick movements, or to move like this

haul: to pull something heavy with a continuous steady movement

wail: to say something in a loud, sad, and complaining way

spnk_jpn at 13:03