Addie Juniper won a bet with rival cheerleader Aysel Zeeling that whoever won their competition would spank the other. Aysel thought it was a prank and treated it as motivation to win but her squad came second. Was it enough? Sadly for her, Addie's team finished top! So Aysel barely accepted defeat and the terms they agreed privately. Addie couldn't hide her glee at spanking such a pert beautiful butt and Aysel, the sore loser, does her best to take this spanking even though her tolerance was low. It is humiliating and embarrassing to be over her rival's lap. Even more so when her panties are pulled down and her quivering cheeks smacked a shameful red! It's a hot visual spanking treat seeing Aysel receive her first ever spanking from legendary fetish model, Addie Juniper. Both girls are making their debut on this site.

Addie Juniper Aysel Zeelingが負けると、相手からお尻ペンペンされるという勝負に出たようです。




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