Approximate Running Time: 23:00 minutes. Sascha Harvey has arrived at Bars and Stripes Prison - having been sentenced to twelve months for being in possession of cocaine. Prison Officer Stephen Lewis brings her into the interrogation room - where Matron is waiting to welcome her to her new home. However, Sascha is full of indignation at the way she is being treated - like a common prisoner. She demands that she be allowed to see her father - he will sort things out and get her out of Bars and Stripes Prison. Both Matron and Prison Officer Lewis have quickly come to the conclusion that this new prisoner spells trouble. Matron puts her face close up to Sascha's and scream at her that the prison rules are simple - just two of them; To do as she is told and to do it immediately.

Sascha is not used to being treated in this way and protests. Officer Lewis decides to give her a demonstration of what will happen if she does not follow the rules of the prison - he pushes her so that she falls over the desk - matron prevents her from getting up by holding onto her wrists. The spanking she receives is hard and fast. She carries on protesting and arguing, resulting in an even more severe punishment. By the time her pristine white knickers are pulled down to mid thigh, her bottom is already very red and sore.

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